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all jewelry is handmade in Toronto, Canada using precious metal

  • design

    every design starts as an idea in my mind and then the journey begins. each design has its own technique, figuring it out is a big step in the process.
    I know how it starts, I have no idea how long it's going to take. I just keep on going until my vision turns into life. when it does, it's an amazing feeling.
    the comfort of each piece is always taken into consideration when I design, with the intention to wear it every day.

  • process

    all jewelry is hand carved.
    the pieces go through the process of casting, from there to pre-polish, so it's made ready for the last polish and final touches.
    some of the pieces get oxidized to highlight the details and then polished by hand.
    this process makes every piece unique and beautiful in its own way. no two pieces are exactly the same.

  • inspration

    the jewelry designs are inspired by the simple things in life with spirituality in mind focusing on living in the present moment.
    every place I go, I try to observe and learn as much as I can about the environment I'm in, so I can get a different experience every time.